Direct High Frequency Facial

Direct-high frequency is considered a timeless rejuvenating treatment for the skin. The first high-frequency appliance was developed in the late 1800s by the renowned scientist Nikola Tesla and he originally named it “Violet Ray” due to the purple gas it was producing.

At that time it was specifically used for medical purposes to treat infections because it was particularly useful in the healing of wounds. In the 1970s European salons discovered the healing benefits of direct high-frequency electrical stimulation on the skin. A mere ten years after that, this technology became widely used in North America by skin experts.

It was considered to be a very safe and non-invasive procedure with no side effects at all and it became extremely popular amongst licensed aestheticians who used it to provide treatments for many skin conditions ranging from acne to wrinkles and even hair loss.

High-frequency facial machines work with high-frequency electrodes which are made of clear, thin glass and come in several different shapes and sizes to cover various contours of the face and body.

When the electrode is firmly inserted into the handpiece, a gentle alternating electrical current is generated by the machine which then passes through the glass electrode upon contact with the skin.

The electrical current ignites the inert gas within the electrode which produces healing electrical light energy and produces ozone formation.

Ozone is a purifying gas with antibacterial properties and helps to heal acne and combat congestion.

In other words, when mixed with the air outside of the electrode, the current infuses the skin with oxygen molecules and during this process, a mild tingling sensation is experienced.

The high-frequency electrodes can be filled with two types of inert gas:

  • Argon gas – which produces a subtle violet glow
  • Neon gas – which produces an orange glow

Argon gas is used to help treat existing acne and prevent future breakouts. The production of ozone will successfully target and inhibit the acne-producing bacteria.

It produces a deeply penetrating germicidal and drying effect in order to treat the most severe cases of acne. The enriched oxygen molecules produced by high-frequency machines are effective in helping to heal and revitalize the skin.

Direct high-frequency also regulates sebum production and combats oiliness on the surface on the skin. Neon gas is used in treating aging skin because it has a toning effect and stimulates blood vessels, thus improving skin color. It brings warmth to the area and this promotes blood circulation and encourages cellular turnover.

Reducing eye puffiness – the oxygenating action produced by high-frequency current aids in lymphatic drainage and removes excess fluid and toxins while increasing blood circulation.

The result is a visible improvement in the appearance of congested and tired eyes as well as puffiness.

Reducing dark undereye circles – overly dilated and broken capillaries can become visible under the thin skin around the eye area.

High-frequency creates a circulation rush in the area, delivering oxygen to hydrate and revitalize the skin. Good circulation will also allow for better penetration of undereye creams, resulting in a brighter and youthful-looking appearance.

The direct high-frequency is a mildly stimulating treatment, and it is generally recommended as needed. To reap the optimum benefits of getting this treatment you should follow several aftercare recommendations:

  • Avoid direct sunlight – due to stimulation of the blood vessels and circulatory improvement, you may be experiencing mild to slight redness on your skin. Direct and prolonged sun exposure is generally not recommended as this will further stimulate the blood vessels and increase the redness.
  • Apply sunscreen – sunscreen is the most important step in your daily skincare routine. After getting a facial that stimulates the blood vessels and improves circulation it is best to keep those harmful rays at bay at all cost.
  • Avoid applying cosmetics – you should leave the skin free of makeup for several hours to a day after getting a direct high-frequency facial so you reap the maximum benefits of revitalizing oxygen and antibacterial ozone on your skin.
  • Don’t pick on your skin – your skin will not be irritated after direct high-frequency, but it is always a good idea to keep your hands away from your skin due to spreading of harmful bacteria.
  • Don’t have any other facial treatments – similar to applying cosmetics, having other facial treatments will limit the time of beneficial ingredients on your skin and minimize the benefits of this treatment.
  • Avoid saunas and heat treatments – avoiding saunas is a general rule after getting a facial as the skin may become inflamed and irritated due to the heat and sweat.
  • Avoid extreme weather conditions – try to cover and protect your face from extremes of temperatures such as strong heat and winds as this can potentially irritate your skin.
  • Avoid using AHAs and BHAs – using strong acids on the skin right after high-frequency can sometimes be overly drying for the skin and cause irritation.